Heart N Soul Art Studio

About the Artist


Jacqueline Sheehan is mixed a medium artist from New England . Her works are diverse . She paints from her heart n soul and enjoys creating unique pieces for your home or office. She loves using various gatherings from her travels to enhance her pieces.  She offers personalized paintings and parites for all occasions.

“Her colorful works are inspired by God and all His creations in nature. They are described as utilitarian and delightful while also being expressive, whimsical, imaginative & inspirational. Truly from her heart and soul.”



In her own words-

I was first inspired to paint by my grandfather, Les Sheehan. He was a renowned Artist with inspiration from his love of Vermont, Sanibel Island & Marblehead, Mass. He mastered watercolors, drawings & oils in his humble home studio located on Westminster St. in Saxtons River, Vermont.


His stories, lessons and love of painting remain forever etched in my mind, heart & soul.

My mixed medium artworks are enhanced by my interesting and intense journey thus far. It has given light to my spirited love & sense of compassion. Hence, my perspective and sense of humor about life. I try to capture the beauty around us and paint landscapes that speak to me. Experimenting with a variety of mediums allows me to express different ideas, colors, and textures. I view each piece as part of an ongoing work.


My technique and style are evolving daily.


I paint on canvas, wood, tin, old glass windows, palm fronds etc. I love making art out of what other’s discard. The world is my canvas!


I am committed to providing folks with the best possible experience through my artistic expression.





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